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  1. I will miss you all but won’t forget you all. Thanks for giving me the best 7 years at this school Drumahoe is the best primary school ever
    I wish you guys all the best at your new schools good luck!!!!

  2. I really do not want to leave Drumahoe PS. I was nearly crying. Soo sad we leave tomarrow. I really will cry the p1s where laughing their heads off at us… i will glue my self to the school if i have

  3. Hey Kerry here. I loved P4 and cant wait to be in P5 🙂 Courtney here now. I cant believe my first year at Lisneal is over be in second year in September. I cant wait to see the new first years made lots of friend since i started hope to see you again soon bye for now

  4. Hey leaving in less than a week and I will be so sad. I am going to Foyle and I will miss all the friends and great teachers I had all my life at Drumahoe. I am singing in Drumahoe’s Got Talent with some of my friends and Adam is now going to be a girl. You might not get me now but u will on the day. I know I will cry on the last day. Lots of people say they won’t but know they will. I havent been on the website in ages but its still looking good as always. I had a great time in Edinburgh and when I leave for Foyle the only words that come to mind are I had a great life at Drumahoe. I experienced new things and met great people and that will always be with me. I`LL MISS YOU ALL- hope u miss me

    Yours always Jade

  5. Hello everyone,how r u all.Really like foyle but still missing Drumahoe. Im looking forward to skiing next year ann hockey is good too. Hope to see u all some time soon

  6. Hello Drumahoe I miss being at drumahoe. I am very proud of myself beacuse we did our exams 2 weeks ago and I am doing really well in them. I got the 2nd best in my maths test, I got 91% in spanish which is an A I got a B in german, I got a B in home ecomnomics, B in r.e got a D in science but I was one percent of a C and i was raging because you had to get 70% or over and i got 69%. I was so sad but its still good.
    I loved being at this primary school. It was so AWESOME. I wish I could go back and see all you guys but i dont have time sorry. All the teachers were good to me. I hope i write again and i hope you are seeing this because i am not writing this for nothing i am writing this for the teachers to see. Mr McMaster was the best head master ever and Mrs Hegarty was so kind. I love all you guys so much I miss you all. xxxxxxx 🙂

  7. Hello guys! I cant believe it is nearly a year since i left Drumahoe! I loved it there and I miss all of you, the teachers, pupils and the fish in the tank. It feels so great that you an reid this right now! I am enjoying foyle so much! I am in 8D (a good class according to our French teacher!). I miss all my old friends from drumahoe but I have made lots of new friends aswell. I have even become really close friends with emmy! Can I just tell all the P7 pupils that whatever school you are going to, dont be afraid to make friends with people who you wouln’t have thought you could be friendly with, just dont get in with the wrong crowd. Oh and if you are going to foyle, ask Josh in my class if you can join his country called Spexico!
    PS. I like the website Miss Marshall

  8. hey everyone havent been on the website for a long time. Can not wait for Edinbrugh We leave in 4 weeks time, all excited to go away and do loads of fun things.Then will be leaving school about 3 weeks time when we come back from our trip.Thanks for organising the trip for all the P7s thanks Mr Mc Master and Mrs Hegarty. All keep well. Chat soon bye xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I love my teacher Mrs Hegarty if you have her you will love her she is so kind and she is the best.Also I would like to thank all of my teachers and Mr Mcmaster for giving me education and a great 7 years.I am going to miss all my friends going to a different school than me and wish them good luck for 1st year.I would also like to wish good luck to the rest of the school.I can not wait until Edinburgh I wish I was going tomorrow but I am not so I am counting down.One last thing congratulations to Mrs Semple and Mrs Johnson on the baby boys hope they are doing well.
    Jade xx

  10. Still missing Drumahoe:'( but wasnt that long ago i was there a couple weeks ago telling the p7 what Lisneal was like along with jack holland;) but love it- great skool. In a class with Lauren Brace and Courtney Hetherington and Callum Robinson. We’re all so happy we got in to A2 and now best friends with lauren and courtney and we made lots of new ones as well 😀 STILL MISSIN DRUMAHOE STILL HAVE A COUPLE OF COUSINS THERE AND MY WEE NEICE WILL B STARTIN IN 3 YEARS TIME LOL WILL SOON FLY IN….BYEEEE <3 xoxox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Love the school and my friends here.Lucy Megan Zoe Cassey Chloe Lisa Nicole James. Love my teacher too – Mrs Hegarty . i am leaving school this year.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. hi drumahoe i miss you all so much i hope you are all doing very well i loved this primary school so much it was the best primary school ever!!!!! bye i will speak again some time :):):):) xxxxx best wishes

    love sophie xxxxx <3<3<3

  13. Hello I love the new website Miss Marshall. I wish I was back. I hope to see you all soon Brookexoxoxo

  14. i will miss you all but won’t forget you all thanks for giving me the best 7 years at this school drumahoe is the best primary school ever
    i wish you guys all the best at your new schools good luck!!!!

  15. Thank you for posting photos of the kids at Gortatole. Everyone looks like they are having a ball.

  16. Hey miss Drumahoe but love Lisneal. Will always remember Drumahoe Primary School ! See you soon. We will visit again <3 xx

    • Hi Lauren and Courtney – glad to hear that you love your new school. Hope you’re working hard!

  17. Matthew left for Gortatole yesterday. It’s very hard for the parent/s and we worry so much. Thanks to the web site for putting on some photos to put our minds at ease. Good to see all the children with smiles on their faces. I am sure they are having a great time!!

  18. Hi everybody we played a netball match on Thursday and guess what we won 8-1 against Saint Pauls. I’m so happy because me and Ashlie are the captains. Just soooooooooooooooooooooo happy to go to school on Monday. I love school – always have and always will. Cant wait to go on the school trip, can’t wait at all. This is my last week as prefect. Sooooooooooooooo sad. I loved the job of being one. Will miss the p1s but won’t forget my 4 years since I joined Drumahoe. Will miss u all when I leave for my new school but will always come back and visit u all again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I hope all of the P7’s got good grades this year for the AQE. I miss drumahoe alot but I love lisneal.I loved London when we went for our school trip.

  20. Hi
    Sooooooooooooooooooooo excited to go to Edinburgh with the school. Just want to leave tomorrow because it will be great fun. And to the P6s u will love Gortatole with the school because it is soooooooooooooo much fun. I wish I was going there too because I had a very good time when I went last year.

  21. I want to wish all the year 7 children who are waiting for their AQE results on Saturday the very best of luck.
    You have all worked incredibly hard and I am proud of every one of you.
    Best of luck
    Mrs Hegarty

  22. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy new website gr8. Cant wait till I go to Edinburgh with the school. Really going to miss u all when I leave but I’ll always remember my years at Drumahoe P.S BYE!!!!! 🙂

  23. I will miss you all when I leave but won’t forget you all. Can’t wait to go on holiday with the school. I love Mrs Hegarty. If you have her you will love her. She is so kind – just dont want to leave and hope Chestnut will win the house competition this year.

  24. I have been on the internet and logged on to the new website. It looks great and i enjoyed looking at all the photos and even found myself looking at a shell.

  25. Loving the new website lol Miss Drumahoe a lot but getting used to Lisneal xx all the best 4 2012 xx



    • Hello Mrs Lockhead – Great to hear from you and to know that you’re still keen to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing in Drumahoe. Miss M.

      For anyone who doesn’t know – Mrs Lockhead (nee Riley) was a teacher in Drumahoe P.S. for over twenty years and is now residing in Spain.

  27. The new website looks great and we look forward to reaching out to all present, past and future pupils and parents of Drumahoe P.S. – well done to Miss Marshall and Peter Meenagh for such a great job in constructing it.

    A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to Everyone associated with Drumahoe P.S. from the Principal and Staff.

    Mr McMaster

    • Hi Mollie – I like P2 as well. We’ll have to get some more pictures for our class page. Did you see your photograph in the Gallery?
      Miss M

  28. Hello! I miss Drumahoe. Loved P.7 good luck to all the teachers and principal. I hope the present p7s love London. I know I did.
    All the best

  29. Its my last year at school 🙁 Gonna miss you all if I go to Foyle or any school. I will miss everyone but I will never forget my seven years at Drumahoe. I will always visit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooo

  30. Miss the school. Wish I was back at Drumahoe. Lisneal is great but will never forget my 7 years at Drumahoe.

  31. DONT WANT TO LEAVETHE BEST PRIMARY SCHOOL EVER XXX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙁

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