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  1. Folks. We are revamping the website. Please be patient during reconstruction. Thanks. Mr McMaster

  2. Hey its Alice Curry. I love Drumahoe P.S Its the best school. I recommend it. I’m in my last year now and loving it so far. P7 is great.


  3. I love Drumahoe Primary School I have made so many new friends. I have loved all my teachers and for anyone with young children ready to start P1 I would highly recommend Drumahoe Primary School

  4. Hello everybody in drumahoe I got into 8a2 in Lisneal. I am missing you all hope to come and visit

  5. .Have just come across your web site, and must say what fond memories I have of Drumahoe school. I was their from 1959 until 1966. My first teacher was Miss Patterson,then I’m sure it was Mrs Toomb, then it was Mrs Burns,then Mr Dallis, then Mr Anderson. I may have missed someone out as at the age of seven I spent a long time in hospital. I no longer live in Ireland but was over in Drumahoe at the time the old school was being demolished, I was just over the road having my car washed I felt so sad as if part of my life had just gone. I have also got a picture of all the lovely dinner ladies too Mrs Finley atc;atc; so keep up the good work im sure you have a great school, Best wishes Maureen.

    • Many thanks for getting in touch – it’s always good to hear from former pupils. The “new” Drumahoe Primary School has been open since November 1999 and has retained the happy vibes of the old school.

  6. I was a pupil at Drumahoe Primary school from 1982-1986 when I moved to the Isle of Man. I am now a Rector in the Church of England.

    Good to remember my time in Drumahoe!

    • Good to hear from you Chris. I do remember you as a little boy in the playground – I think we knew you as Christopher when you were at Drumahoe, and I think you were in Miss Riley’s class when you left to go to the Isle of Man.
      L. Marshall

  7. hi everyone I got back from Gortatole yesterday.
    It was brilliant! Special thanks to the teachers who came with us and organised everything!!

  8. Hi drumahoe hows things going? long time no see. I really miss you guys so much. I am now in 5th year and its so stressful because there is so much work 🙁 wish I could come back to primary school again 🙂 miss you’s all so much. hopefully one day I will come and visit you’s again 🙂 xx

  9. Go Spruce. Well done on coming 2nd place but I hope u can get the green ribbons on the tree. I loved being your house captain good luck in the future GOOOO SPRUCE.

  10. Gonna miss all you P7’s. To think I have spent 7 years with u all and to end now scares me that we won’t see you all again but I’m almost certain that we will. You have to promise me one thing that we will never forget each other because I couldn’t have asked for a better class to spend my time at Drumahoe primary with. You all are the best bunch of people me or anyone else could ever have met so good luck in your new schools whether you are going to the same school as me or not. Just do me a favour and never forget that u will never be forgotten. I will miss you all. Just be yourself. Its the best u can be trust me. Good luck and take care – hope to see you all in the near future. Bye and good luck to all of the staff and pupils of Drumahoe. Thanks for 7 years of support and being there gona miss you all. Bye Good Luck P7s of 2014 ❤❤

  11. We did our leavers assembly today. Can’t believe that I only have 1 day left. I will be sad to go but I will come back and visit next year thanks for a great 7 years going to miss my wee primary school.
    Good luck for the future I will miss you all. Bye

  12. hi drumahoe hope things are going well. I am now in 4th year and cant believe I’m doing my GCSES. It is so much work although I do love oakgrove. I miss all u guys so much and wish u the best for the future. Hopefully I will come visit again byee for now xx 🙂

  13. Hello the mighty Drumahoe. It is Oskar here. Hope every thing is going well. Remember to work hard. Hope Oak is winning. I am back in NZ but when I am over in Europe I hope to visit you again. Mr Mc Master the Lynch family were asking after you. Good luck and come on Oak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. bye Drumahoe best 7 years of my life I am already missing it and its only been one month of summer

  15. Hey Drumahoe we miss u so much hope to see u all soon good luck all of u. we did our first year in highschool we had a good time :-)xx

  16. hi i would do anything to b back at drumahoe! thats was like the best seven yrs of my life! especially going to edinburgh with mrs hegraty and mr scott! miss u all!

  17. Hello!!
    I’m in year 10 now i’m still in Lisneal College. I love it here but i miss Drumahoe. I can’t beleve i just chose my GCSE’S that i will be starting in September! I have made so many new friends here but i still talk to most of the old ones. Good luck to everyone starting there new schools in September , you will love it!! I’m going to Paris now on sunday with school i can’t wait, I still remeber going to London i loved it there. I hope to see you all soon BYE!!!

  18. hi there drumahoe miss you all so much and good luck for you next school miss you all so much love you mrs hegarty

  19. hi there miss you all good luck at your next school p7 miss yous and miss you mrs hegerty love yous all 🙂

  20. heyy drumahoe I realy miss you all am in lisneal now really good made new friends hope I can all see u soon :p

  21. hi drumahoe i miss you so much i am now in 3rd year and i miss primary school so much it was the best nothing beats drumahoe primary school 🙂 🙂 mr mc master is the best and so is mrs hegarty. all the teachers are the best 🙂 xxx

  22. Hey Drumahoe!!!! (Hope u still remember me?!) Can’t believe I’m in first year at Foyle! (I can still remember my first day at school!) I am missing u sososososo much!!!!!! I wanna say “hi” to all the teachers and staff and all the pupils!!!! I hope I can come visit soon!!!

    Bye!! xxx

  23. I love this new website! , I am in Altnagelvin hospital at the minute with a sprained arm but I hope I won’t be here much longer!

  24. Heyyy I am now at Foyle College!!! But nothing could be better than my 7 years at Drumahoe Primary school!!!! Hope to see all the teachers soon


  25. Just calling in to say hello. In second year now. Love lisneal but would love to be back in Drumahoe

  26. I would like to wish everyone a great summer holiday and to all those P7 pupils who are moving to Post-Primary education in September just remember … “You can take the person out of Drumahoe but you can never take Drumahoe out of the person!”
    Thanks for being a wonderful year group – Our Class of 2012.
    Mr McMaster.

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