Documents and Policies

Below are some of the documents and policies of the school.

Acceptable Use of the Internet Jan 2020
Acceptable Use Policy Parent Copy Jan 2020
Admissions Policy – Parents
Anti-Bullying Policy Jan 2020
Anti Bullying Leaflet Jan 2020
Assessment Policy
Attendance Policy
Blended/Remote Online Learning Policy Updated 04.12.20
Bullying toolkit
CCTV Policy
Care in the Sun Policy
Child Protection Policy Feb 2020
Child Protection Policy for Parents (Short) Jan 2020
Child Protection in Education Parent Leaflet Jan 2020
Child Protection Leaflet for Parents Jan 2020
Complaints Procedure Feb 2020
Curriculum Policy
Cycling Policy
Drugs Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Emotional Health & Well Being Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
E-Safety Policy Jan 2020
First Aid & Emergrency Treatment Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
Homework Policy COVID Addendum 02.11.20
ICT Policy
Induction Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Learning and Teaching Policy
Learning & Teaching Appendices
Loss and Bereavement Policy
Marking Policy
Missing Pupil Policy
Mobile Phones & Cyber-Bullying Policy Jan 2020
Numeracy Policy
Pastoral Care Policy Index
Pastoral Care Umbrella Policy Jan 2020
PDMU Policy
Positive Behaviour Policy
Privacy Notice (Parents and pupils) Final Copy
Reasonable Force Policy June 2018
Risk Assessment Policy Jan 2020
Safeguarding & Vetting Policy
School Communication Policy May 2019
Seesaw / G Suite Parent Guidance 2nd November 2020
Smoking Policy
S.E.N. Policy
Social Networking Policy
Staff Code of Conduct
Uniform Policy
Whistleblowing Policy