In April 2016, after the approval by DE of a Development Proposal, we opened the Autism Specific Class (ASC) which is a provision designed for supporting statemented pupils with a diagnosis of ASD who need support with interaction into mainstream. The school also recently opened (September 2017) a new KS2 Learning Support Class (LSC) which will allow for progression and continuity for those pupils in the ASC reaching the age for Years 5-7 in primary school.

Pupils are placed in the ASC/LSC with the agreement of parents and Special Education. Pupils transferring to the class from other schools are, once placed, enrolled into Drumahoe P.S. Placement is reviewed annually and pupils may stay in the facility for Years 1-4 or Years 5-7 as suitable. On leaving the ASC, the normal procedure for amending the statement is followed and the pupil may take a place in the mainstream part of the school, transfer to another school or take a place in the KS2 Learning Support Class (LSC) in the school as suitable.

Autism Specific Class – ASC

Our Autism Specific Class (ASC) is located in the heart of Drumahoe Primary School and provides a welcoming, caring environment for children who have a medical diagnosis of Autism and a Statement of Special Educational Needs with autism as the primary area of need.

The ASC can facilitate a maximum of 8 children ranging from P1-P4. Staff include the Autism Class Teacher and two Special Educational Needs Classroom Assistants.

Pupils have access to a broad and balanced mainstream curriculum which provides a rich and varied range of learning opportunities. Personalised teaching and learning in an autism specific environment allows pupils’ individual needs to be addressed. Pupils are taught using a variety of ASD specific strategies including TEACCH and PECS.

Integration into the wider school community is an integral part of each pupil’s overall educational experience in the ASC. Every opportunity is taken to integrate pupils into the everyday life of the school and an emphasis is placed on integration into the mainstream classes where appropriate. This involves children spending time with their year group classes and allows them to work and learn alongside their peers.

Children have the opportunity to work with their classmates in the ASC classroom through reverse integration. We also spend time in the local community to support children’s social development.

In Drumahoe ASC we aim to provide a positive, structured and supportive learning environment where each child is encouraged to learn and grow in order for them to achieve their full potential.

Please contact our school to visit the class and meet with the Class Teacher.


Learning Support Class – LSC

Individual Workstation

The KS2 Learning Support Class (LSC) is taught by a full-time specialist teacher who is supported by a Special Educational Needs Classroom Assistant. The class caters for pupils who have a range of special educational needs and additional needs. The LSC supports pupils who are aged (9-11 years) P5 – P7.

The LSC can have up to 12 pupils and delivers a curriculum that meets each child’s individual need. Pupils in the LSC have many opportunities to integrate with their mainstream peers for lessons with their link class and for social activities. We also have reverse integration where their peers visit the LSC for some activities.

Not only do our pupils integrate with the mainstream pupils, we often go on outings into the community to broaden our learning and to develop our confidence and tolerance in social situations.

Our LSC aims to support all its pupils to reach their full potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Please contact our school to visit the class and meet with the Class Teacher.