House System

Chestnut, Oak, Spruce, Sycamore

Pupils are assigned to one of four Houses, named after trees that are found in our school grounds, Chestnut, Oak, Spruce and Sycamore. Each house is represented by a colour and on competition days children wear a t shirt in the colour of their house.

During the year points are awarded for various activities and achievements, and pupils, in their Houses, compete for “The Tree.” In 2013 – 2014 The Tree was won by Chestnut and their red ribbons now hang proudly from the branches.


Each house has a House Master and pupils elect two House Captains, a boy and a girl.

This year the House Captains are as follows

Chestnut – Grace Hall and Bobby Hargan (House Master – Mrs Semple)

Oak – Cora Chambers and Ben Curry (House Master – Miss Marshall)

Spruce – Jane Cairns and Eddie Campbell (House Master – Mrs Bryson)

Sycamore– Kerry Hetherington and James Douglas (House Master – Mrs Hegarty)

Overall House Points – 2013 ~ 2014

 Chestnut Oak  Spruce Sycamore
1108 979 1010 959


 House Competition – Roll of Honour  

 School Year  Winner of “The Tree”

2013 – 2014


2012 – 2013


2011 – 2012


2010 – 2011


2009 – 2010


2008 – 2009