Meet the Staff

We have a very dedicated and experienced staff who make it their goal to support and encourage our pupils.

 Mr McMaster
Mrs L. Hegarty
Vice Principal
Mrs J. Bryson
Mrs A. Greer Mrs A. Johnston Mrs E. Semple
Mrs J. McKeegan Mr J. Scott Mrs S Wheeldon
Mrs G. Cooke Mrs A. Stevenson Mrs C. Bratton
Mrs C. Garden Miss F. Dixon Mrs C. Toland
Miss C. Harris        ASC Miss M. Leonard   LSC  

Our Learning Support Assistants

Mrs W. Crothers Mrs M. McCandless
Mrs A. Doherty Mrs L. Kincaid
Mrs A. Curry Mrs E. Robinson Mrs M. Pointon Mrs T. Lovell
Mrs J. Whiteside Mrs K. Gordon Mrs S. Bronze Mrs T. Bogle

Our Secretary and Site Supervisor

Mrs H. Glenn
Mr R. Gardiner
Site Supervisor